Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Bachelors

Here we rank the hottest 10 celebrity bachelors based on popular opinion.


Gary Busey

Tall build. Strong teeth... and enough energy to last all night... this hunk lands a 10/10 on our list

Mike Tyson

This macho man has the skills to pay the bills and the muscle to match. Just don't look him directly in the eye on your first date. 

Rodney Dangerfield

Although deceased this Hollywood Hunk really knows a thing or two about marine biology if ya know what we mean! Here at Crap Ass News Rodney gets all the respect!

Clint Howard

This tall glass of water has shown his face in some of the biggest blockbusters of all time... Apollo 13, Evil Speak and yes, Ice Cream Man! Land a date with this stud and that's not all he'll show you!

Edward Furlong

This Hollywood Hero is best known for his role in T2. Since then he's taken a break to work on poetry, pills and being super sexy!

Nick Nolte

Don't let his age fool you, Knolte knows how to party. 

Michael Berryman

Michael Berryman is best known for his horror flicks but this master of the sack won't treat you like a HORROR when you're alone with him.

Jared Fogle

This Sandwich Swami can raise a mean footlong even from behind bars

Karl Childers

He's as attractive as he is smart. Likes mustard, biscuits and long romantic walks to the laundromat

Bill Cosby

No need for an introduction to this master of seduction. If you go on a date with him just make sure it's in a public place with a lot of people around.