Separated At Birth #2: X-File's Cancer Man and Homicide Hunter's Joe Kenda

In today's 'Separated At Birth' we unite long lost brothers, Cancer Man from TV's hit series the X-files and Detective Joe Kenda from the crime series Homicide Hunter.

It may surprise many that Cancer Man and Joe Kenda are long lost siblings. Their parents divorced when they were young and Cancer Man moved away with his father while Joe Kenda stayed with his mother.

Somehow they both went into similar lines of work. Cancer Man became a high ranking member of the F.B.I. where he tries to keep Mulder and Scully at the X-files from spreading the truth. On the other side Joe Kenda became a high ranking Lieutenant for the Colorado Springs Police Department where he ironically, compared to his brother, tries to expose the truth.

Separated At Birth #1: Dr. Oz and Dee Dee Ramone

Today's Long Lost Family Features Siblings Dee Dee Romone and Dr. Oz.

Many would be surprised to find that Dr. Oz and Dee Dee Ramone are identical twins who were separated at birth. Dr. Oz was so pissed off with his brothers success and lifestyle in the Ramones that he ended up pitching the Dr. Oz show.