Top 10 Most Successful Lizard People of 2015 (#3 will make your blood tingle)

Top 10 Most Successful Lizard People of 2015! 

  Lizard people at the U.N.

Lizard people at the U.N.

Lizard people have made a huge dent in our society when it comes to politics and entertainment.

Let's look back at 2015 to see who the most successful Lizard people are as they continue their quest for world domination.

#10. Miley Cyrus

With her new look over the last couple years Miley Cyrus has been turning some heads and slithering some tongues.

#9. Putin


Certainly the most powerful communist to come out of the Lizard colony

#8. Kanye West


A blatant disgrace to Lizard people everywhere. Kanye West still tops the charts at #8.

#7. Ben Carson

More of a lizard people affiliate. Ben was hired by the lizard people to take some of this heat off of one of their higher ups. (See #1)

#6. Rob Schneider

No vaccinations for this brain slurping lizard man.

#5. and #4. Koch Brothers

Among the most successful eggs snatchers of all time. The downfall of humanity will score them points with the King Komodo.

#3. Sharon Osbourne

This should come as no surprise. We've seen her work with the Ozzy Osbourn brain slug.

#2. Papa John

By buddying up with Peyton Manning, Papa John is expanded his quest for world domination one slice at a time. 

#1. Donald Trump

Always highly ranked amongst the lizard people. With his popularity as a candidate for the 2016 presidential race Donald Trump takes the challenge of world domination to new heights dropping him off at #1 in the charts.